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people who suffer from geriatric disease have greater peak plasma concentrations and the allopurinol dosage in such patients is 50 to 60 percent higher than in young adults which is related to the renal function in older population.

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this medication may interfere or interact with other medications, such as digoxin, allopurinol and phenobarbital.

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elliot and hitchings were responsible for the discovery of a plethora of important drugs, including mercaptopurine 62 and thioguanine 63 for the treatment of leukemia, the immunosuppressant azothioprine, 79 allopurinol for gout, 64 pyrimethamine for malaria, 65 the antibacterial trimethoprim, 63 acyclovir for herpes virus infection, 80 and nelarabine for cancer treatment.


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