I furnished my apartment with orchids and sat on my balcony

The winter months are kind to no one especially your skin. Now more than ever, your complexion needs to be properly tended to and kept in top notch form. I have always preached that makeup application begins with a brilliant base, so this month I’m focusing on acing your base as the temps continue to plummet.

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“Protiv naih se Skuptinara vode tri kaznena postupka, a mi vjerujemo kako su oni zasnovani na neistinitim i netonim podacima. Poanta svega je da se naim djelatnicima sudi jer su kao nanijeli tetu klubu, a mi smatramo da kao Skuptina moramo zauzeti vrst stav. I apsolutno smo okirani ovim nezapamenim progonima nae Uprave.

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Luckily the passport size is small enough to fit into your pockets. However, no one really likes to carry the bare passport in pockets as it is too precious a document to lose. What people end up with is to carry a smaller bag or folder to hold all your travel documents.

I was very stressed coupled with numbness, so I intentionally moved from our home of love and family memories into a charming apartment with palm trees coming up to my fourth floor balcony. I was on the ocean and could smell the salt air and listen to the sounds of the ever changing sea. I furnished my apartment with orchids and sat on my balcony looking at the koi fish swimming below; their bodies gently moving through the pond.

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